What’s our customers say

After taking BeVité, I managed to lose 3.5kg in one month.

My body fat and visceral fat have reduced while my muslce mass has increased. I also feel alert and energetic everyday, sleep better at night and snore less.

Sam Lee, 27
96kg -> 92.5kg
Weight loss in 1 month


I’m really glad that BeVité has helped me to reduce a dress size (from XL to L) in just one month.

I no longer feel bloated and my muslces have become firmer. BeVité makes me feel full, so I am able to control my food intake better. I will continue taking it to reach my goal, which is M or S size.

Irish Tan, 29
73kg -> 69kg
Weight loss in 1 month


I’m very thankful to have found Bevité. Just 1 sachet a day allows me to lose 5kg easily.

I feel more alert and has become more productive at work. I will continue to take it to reach my goal weight. I’m also recommending it to my family and friends.

Dennis Tay, 33
126kg -> 121kg
Weight loss in 1 month


BeVité not only helps me to lose weight, it is also anti-inflammation and contains various nutrients and prebiotics.

After taking it for one month, my back and anckle pain have
subsided, my bowel movements become regular and I feel mentally sharp.

Bee Hong, 45,
84kg -> 80.5kg
Weight loss in 1 month